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Black Steel
Steve Perry

Price $5.99
Finally, the bestselling classic Matador series in eBook! Kildee Wu is a sensei and master of the martial arts. She has long searched for the one student worthy of her 400-year-old black sword. Sleel is a thief, a poet, and among the very best of the legendary Matadors. Their enemy stole her secret and his honor. Together, their wrath stalks the House of Black Steel. (An FS& Exclusive available in epub, mobi, html & pdf.)
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Black Steel
Steve Perry

“Re-read the entire series every few years. Highly recommended.” – Science Fiction Review

“Hard-boiled ... flashing dialogue and stripped down action!” – The Oregonian

“Plenty of action [and] expertise about weapons and combat.” – Booklist

The bestselling classic Matador series now in eBook!

Kildee Wu is a sensei and master of the martial arts. She has long searched for the onestudent worthy of her 400-year-old black sword. Sleel is a thief, a poet, and among thevery best of the legendary Matadors. Their enemy stole her secret and his honor.Together, their wrath stalks the House of Black Steel. (An FS& Exclusive available in epub, mobi, html & pdf.)

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